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2018 – Top 10 Rated Moving Companies in the USA

Below are the top-rated moving companies in the US.

Express Movers in Seattle

  • 5.0/ 5 1 Rating
  • How we meet your needs: We employ AMSA Certified, professional movers. Our family owned, local moving and storage company wins awards for quality. Services include residential and commercial moves, heated, secure storage, packing, full service and labor only moves. Serving Washington State, with a focus on the Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma metro area. We make the […]

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Importance Of Hiring A Good Moving Company


Moving company plays an important role to ensure the process of relocating is done successfully. Before choosing a company, you need to find out from them whether they possess a valid license. This is important in ensuring your valuable possession is moved safely and legally. Furthermore, the company you get to choose should be one that has been in business for at least 5 years. If you are considering a new company, make sure to perform a background check.

Reputation and quality of services is crucial when hiring.

In our 15 years of business we have never had a complaint with the BBB and our damage claims are the lowest in the industry. It’s crucial to hire a reputable company that relocates your personal items, period.

Frontier Movers, an Phoenix-based moving company with expansions in Anthem & Peoria AZ.

When you choose to use friends or relatives to help you out with the move, you will soon discover the hassles and risks that go along with such a decision. Packing your valuable possession with the assistance of some of your friends can prove challenging.

Experienced movers will be in a position to address all the concerns that their customers may have and provide an efficient, safe and fast moving experience. The well-trained employees of the company ensure goods are properly packed, loaded, transported and unloaded.

The employees of a professional mover possess the necessary skill that is required in transporting items. They play an important role because you may not be in a position to load and unload heavy boxes, pack lamps properly and to wrap mattresses safely. To eliminate or reduce damages to items, the company uses the right materials.

Many of the homeowners often pick a company from the yellow pages or internet. Some select a known name while others choose smaller local companies. It is good to hire a company that is an accredited member of a trade body or moving association.

Professional moving companies offer competitive rates. Different companies offer a variety of services and costs. Once you have shortlisted the companies, you can begin the negotiation process. Some of the companies charge an hourly rate and some based on the estimated volume of the current property.

Hiring a professional to move your valuable can be potentially economic. Homeowner and office owners fail to take into consideration many expenses when they undertake the move.

The right moving tools make the process of moving a lot easier. A professional mover is thus recommended because they possess the necessary tools and equipment that ensure a successful move. Whether you have many or few boxes, a lot or a few pieces of furniture, the equipment will make the process of moving efficiently.

To hire a professional moving company will go a long way in ensuring a stress-free move. You will not have to worry about packing valuable & fragile goods, loading bulky boxes into the truck or driving a huge truck. Professional help will make it possible for you to concentrate on other important things, such as saying goodbye to friends.

Professional movers provide valuation insurance that covers part of the monetary value of the goods. However, you can consider purchasing extra insurance cover to make sure all the items that get damaged are replaced.

Professional moving companies possess many years of experience. A professional company can fit your household into a truck without a problem. They will make sure all items are properly loaded into the trucks, maximizing space and supporting items while protecting them. A professional moving company will come in handy in supplying proper packaging material. They will ensure all the items are packed in a sturdy box to withstand stacking. Besides, they will make sure every box is properly taped and labeled.

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Military like precision, timely service and completed move under estimated time which allowed me to receive a refund. Movers were task oriented and came to work, and work they did. Nothing was damaged! The office staff was always available to answer questions and the company even provided used boxes. Excellent company, professionals from the warehouse to the movers and all those involved in between. I highly recommend Simonik Transportation!!!

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